With new advances in the make up on concrete we’ve been able to push the limits with vertical work. We can transform a boring interior wall in your home or office into a feature that mimics a concrete wall giving you an industrial look or we can apply a carve coat and mimic bricks or even artificial rock work. Typically these coats range from ¼” – 3” thick and are very light weight.


Vertical concrete has applications for inside and outside your home. Inside your home we can great a great feature wall giving you a fully customizable look to help set off a room. Concrete panels, rock work, or brick work we can give you the look you can build a room around. While outside the house we can apply the same techniques to the exterior of your home and around your landscape to add beautiful focal points or subtle accents.


Need something to make your business stand out? We can create a rock work on the front of a flat boring exterior, giving it an inviting look and unique look. Need signage to help draw in business? We can work with you to create a stunning eye catching piece to help showcase your company and make it really stand out above the rest.