In Winnipeg decorative concrete is where it all started for us. We’ve been taking boring practical concrete and breathing new life into it by adding color, coating it with epoxy, acid staining patterns, grinding, exposing aggregate, and stamping it. We can transform existing slabs into decorative concrete show pieces.

Decorative concrete can be used for a lot of traditional concrete work to add an element of design and style to dress up a driveway or sidewalk.  Decorative concrete in Winnipeg is being applied to a lot more home items because of its beautiful appearance and because it is highly economical versus other materials.  Consider decorative concrete for your kitchen island countertop, pool patio, entryway and so many other areas of your home.  Home builders and designers are recommending this option more and more to Winnipeg homeowners looking for a modern twist to their new home build.

The advancements in the tools used, the stains, the dyes and the concrete patterns and textures make decorative concrete a highly versatile, durable and cost-effective material.  You can choose a smooth trowel finish or a stone pattern to name a few options.

Decorative concrete is done by using a variety of materials that can be added to the mix immediately after the pour or once the concrete is cured.  Another great quality of decorative concrete is that it requires very little maintenance and when cared for correctly, lasts for a very long time, even with the harsh climate changes in Winnipeg.


Have a bare garage or basement floor you would like to add some life to? We offer decorative cutting, acid staining and epoxy coatings.

Acid staining can give floor a life of its own. Instead of a monochromatic flat look the acid staining reacts with the slab adding depth and dimension to what was previously a flat boring floor.

Decorative concrete cutting and grinding can give a flat work a whole new look. We offer simple designs and tile work cut into a floor. The cut lines are then filled with grout to make everything stand out.

Epoxy coatings are perfect for creating a long lasting durable coating on your garage floors protecting it for years to come and providing a very customizable look.


Have a logo you’d like to showcase on your floor or wall? We have several decorative concrete techniques in which we can use overlays or cutting to give you something that really stands out.

Acid staining and decorative cutting are an inexpensive to make your showroom floors really pop while giving you a surface that is extremely clean and easy to maintain.

So if you’re pouring for the first time or in need of concrete repairs Winnipeg can trust the experts at Samson Concrete.