To add an extra touch of curb appeal to your home in Winnipeg stamped concrete can be quite unique. From a driveway, sidewalk, patio, or pool surround we’ve got you covered. Stamped concrete allows you to go beyond the normal everyday look of standard concrete and giving you added depth and beauty to your landscape at your Winnipeg home or business.

Stamped concrete adds texture, colours and design the newly poured concrete.  It can resemble the appearance of granite, barn board and interlocking stones, but with the longevity, durability and cost-effectiveness of concrete.  Another huge benefit for Winnipeg is its almost zero maintenance versus issues that many have with other materials like interlocking patio stones.

One thing about stamped concrete is that unlike staining concrete, stamped concrete can only be done on newly laid concrete.  The stamp has to be laid on fresh concrete, providing the blank palette to imagine and create a wide variety of patterns and designs. So if you’re looking at a new pour or have concrete pairs Winnipeg homeowners need to plan in advance for stamped concrete.


We offer a variety of different stamps which allow us to help provide you with the look you are after. We work close with our Winnipeg customers to give them the color and look they are looking for to really set off the project we are working on. We seal all of our stamped concrete using an anti-slip additive to help ensure you don’t have a slippery surface.


A stamped sidewalk is the perfect way to set a first impression for your business in Winnipeg. With its long lasting and durable finish it a great way to add curb appeal.

We also offer stampable overlays which allow us to give us the stamped look and feel to an existing floor.