Concrete repair is an area where we have extensive experience. Living in Winnipeg concrete repairs are almost unavoidable with our extreme changes in climate from season to season.  With our harsh winters we bring a lot of salt onto our parking pads and parking garages. That salt creeps into cracks and can begin to deteriorate concrete. We can fix spalling surfaces, chip and replace rotten concrete, coat with a bullet proof membrane so salt can no longer penetrate and cause more issues. We have even been trained to install engineered carbon fiber reinforcement on structural beams that have been compromised.


Concrete repairs are often needed around the home. Usually the damage is from shifting in the earth from freezing and thawing and can become a hazard. The hydraulic pressure can cause cracking and movement. In some cases if the cracking is not addressed, then water and salt can creep in and make a problem even worse. We work with a number of different solutions from simply cutting crack and filling with flexible caulk to cutting out a removing and replacing problem areas.

Driveway Repairs – installation prior to new standards: a common issue we see is prior to today’s strict approach standards, concrete driveways were installed with little to no bonding to city streets with little compaction to help it stand the test of time. This leads to sinking, cracking, and heaving. We can remove this section of your driveway and replace it giving back to you a functional approach.

Concrete Sidewalk Repairs – flaky surfaces are a result of either improper finishing techniques or deterioration from salt over time. We use special overlay materials to smooth out your sidewalks to bring its back to a functional walk way.

Garage Floor Repairs – parking a vehicle indoors is a great way to keep it warm in winter. Unfortunately it is also a great place for dirty snow and ice to melt allowing salt to seep deep into cracks and shorten the lifespan of your pad. We cut crack lines, fill them with expandable caulk and can coat your floor with an epoxy or rubber membrane to help keep your floor protected for many years to come.


Damaged concrete can be a hazard to customers or patrons. We specialize in cost effective solutions to ensure the safety of everyone. We have extensive experience in concrete restoration from small problems to extremely big problems. It could be as simple as an overlay to fix a rough surface on a sidewalk or working closely with engineers to reinforce a failing support beam. We also install surface membranes to help protect your investments from contaminants seeping into cracks in flooring or decks causing more harm. Safety is our main concern for our crew and those around us and we work diligently to make sure the repair project is finished in a timely manner.

Sidewalk Repairs – a rough sidewalk can be a hazard for foot traffic. We can coat your sidewalk with salt resistant overlays to ensure your customers are safe.

Parking Garage Repairs – Multi level parking garages are a perfect place for water and salt to do serious structural damage. With hundreds of cars coming and going vibrations in the deck form cracks. These cracks are the perfect place for water and salt to fester causing long term issues. From rotting out sections of decking allowing for debris to fall from overhead, water seeping thru onto electrical, weakening supports, and flooding.

Deck Cracks – We widen these cracks and fill them with a flexible caulk. This allows for minor shifting and long lasting protection.

Rotten Concrete Removal – Rotten concrete is where water and salt eat away at the strength of concrete. If we can get to it before it becomes too serious then we can chip out and fill trouble spots with a salt resistant patch. If the rotten concrete has compromised the structure of a parking pad we must remove and replace large section of the deck.

Failing supports – If rotting concrete and water go unchecked for years we can experience near failing supports. Working closely with engineers, we are one of the few companies that have experience installing Carbon Fibre Reinforcing. This is a very invasive process and will help get your investment back to working order in a timely fashion.

Rubber Membranes – We install rubber membranes to ensure no water will make its way into any cracks. This is a great first step to make sure that you can protect your investment for years down the road.